Help & FAQ


Why create a Mammal Pride sticker?

Who do you donate money too and how often?

How will the money donated be used?

Is there a tax deductible available for the donations?

Where are the stickers actually made?

When purchasing a sticker can I select a different organization for my donation?

Are the stickers high quality? How long will they last?

How does work?

Can I use pictures of humans or animals that are not mammals for my photo upload and sticker?

Is it easier to create a sticker using a full size computer screen as opposed to on a mobile device?

Are there other items I could buy other than the sticker?

What happens to my photo after I upload it to

Do you have technical support available if I run into issues?

After I create a sticker can I go back and change it?

Can I use any photo of any animal I want?

Where can I access stickers I have previously created?

I don't like the sticker after I received it in the mail, what do I do now?

Photo Selection and Upload


Photo Selection and Upload

Can I use photos from social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram

What file types are supported?

Background Removal and Crop


Using the background removal and crop tool

How to use the the crop and rotate tool

Sticker Creation


Editing your sticker using the canvas

Why is my animal photo so small and/or stretched on the create sticker canvas?


Do you ship internationally?